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E-safety is all about helping young people to develop responsible behaviour online.

This is a vital skill in today’s world and will help our students in their futures with maintaining a healthy online profile and supporting relationships – especially important if they are using social media websites like Facebook or instant messaging websites like Live Messenger, etc.

Image showing 6 rules developed by Priory School students and staff We like to say that the school rules we developed with the students are useful guidelines for the real world and the online world whether using the internet on computers, laptops, tablet computers like the iPad, iPods or mobile phones. Whenever you use the internet, especially Facebook, whether at home or at school, it is public – everyone has access to it, not just one friend, but many people – mostly people you do not know and haven’t met! Treating others fairly and keeping yourself safe is very important.

All students at school learn about acceptable use of technologies. We have designed a booklet to help them remember the basic ideas called ‘Be Fair Be Safe – AUP for students‘. This reminds them about how to use equipment fairly and safely. Please download a copy so you can discuss it with your child at home.

There is also a Powerpoint presentation available which we have used in school to help discuss these ideas with your child.

Download the Be Fair, Be Safe PowerPoint presentation

Where can I find help and advice?

First ask your child’s class teacher or tutor at school. Even if it is something that has happened at home, we should be able to help you with advice or pointing you in the right direction!

We have prepared a booklet for parents with lots of ideas about talking to your children at home about being safe as well as places to go to check websites, console games, etc.

Download the E-safety for parents booklet

More information and related websites

Here are some more related websites that have useful advice for parents and carers. Please remember that although we have checked the websites, they do sometimes change. Let us know if there is a problem!

BBC Web Wise – guide for parents Icon indicating external website

Safer Internet website – resources Icon indicating external website


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